I heard about this last year and didn’t participate then but I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a blog for some time. Now that I’ve decided it’s really something I want to try and I’ve started my wife challenged me to write a post a day for a month. Funny thing is we agreed to both do this and we decided to start in the next month which happened to be November. When I was looking at resources to help me with the effort I stumbled on the NaBloPoMo post on WordPress. It was great realizing that our challenge had happened to fall on the national challenge month.

Why a post a day for a month? Left to my own devices I would only blog occasionally, this is because it’s not something I’m accustomed to doing and it’s not part of my routine. Since I don’t do it very often the tools I need aren’t readily available to me when I do want to write a blog. The goal of the challenge is to help make this a routine part of my day long enough that I become accustomed to it. As well I’ll develop both the tools and skills to make this easy enough to do on a regular basis. Since the goal of this blog is to help me maintain prepared material on the topics relating to information security I have plenty of material to work from both historical and current.

I hope this month will provide me with a base of articles on the blog but the bigger goal is to accelerate my blog writing so I’ll have the ability to articulate myself clearly and quickly. I’ll be posting here and on my personal blog keithseymour.com, my wife is posting on our personal blog geekyexplorers.com or her rescue site ilovemyrescue.com. I hope you will drop by to see us during the month.